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Early Intervention Therapy

Children with movement disorders in order to realise their full physical, cognitive and developmental potential and therefore attain the best quality of life, productivity and independence, it is essential to help to stimulate the correct neurological activity through play and therapies. Paediatric Therapy enables these children to explore and experience activities that they might not otherwise be able to do independently.

Impairment of mobility as a result of a spinal cord injury (SCI) may interfere with developmental milestones during early childhood. It is the role of early intervention services to help children meet these developmental milestones for their age. For a toddler, mobility accomplished through crawling and walking is critical in the child’s development allowing them to explore their environment.

“For basic gross-motor skills, the general window of opportunity appears to be open from the prenatal period to around age five. Once again, this is a period in which experience is vital to laying the “foundation” of brain circuits dedicated to motor control. The primary motor circuits that connect to the cerebellum, which controls posture and coordination, forge during the first few years. It is during this period that the child begins to gain considerable experience in the world as he or she “moves” about in the environment. "

 By Carl Gabbard, Ed.D., and Luis Rodrigues Full article

It is widely acknowledged that a variety of basic gross-motor activities that involve postural control, coordination of movements, and locomotion – crawling, creeping, body rolling, and jumping will enhance neuronal connectivity during the critical period for Spinal Cord Injured children. It is essential therefore, that these children are given the help they require via therapies and suitable equipment to participate in these activities.

Watch: For a video discussion on early intervention by the Director, Spinal Cord Injury Service, Shriners Hospital for Children–Chicago Sara Klass >>


Evander is currently participating in paediatric physiotherapy rehabilitation with Northcott Disability Services, WalkOn and Therapies for Kids. More about these >