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NeuroPhysics (NPTR)

NeuroPhysics Functional Performance Training and Rehabilitation (NPTR)  

In simple terms, NPTR is a unique exercise-based program, which activates the nervous system in such a way that stimulates the body to re-organize itself and return to optimal function. Regardless of whether the client suffers Spinal Cord Injury to any Neurological dysfunction through to the most elite level athlete rehabilitating from injury/ burnout, NeuroPhysics looks to detect and correct imbalances…

Since first speaking with Ken Ware 2 years ago, we have been intrigued by the Neurophysics techniques and philosophy. We will be travelling to the Gold Coast in 2016 to immerse Evander in the Neurophysics programme to  "upgrade his system" and restore his system's integrity, optimal health and functionality.

T9 Complete Injury Neurophysics Success