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Activity based therapies children with Spinal Cord Injuries

Early Intervention Therapies


To encourage Evander's best rehabiliation and recovery of function we are currently using private therapists, which include: Paediatric physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and intensive locomotor training.

Currently, we are receiving no Federal Government assistance towards early intervention therapies.



NeuroPhysics Functional Performance Training and Rehabilitation (NPTR)

In simple terms, NPTR is a unique exercise-based program, which activates the nervous system in such a way that stimulates the body to...

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Locomotor Training

Currently, no rehabilitation approach exists to restore walking in children or adults with severe injuries. Typically, these patients are confined to a wheelchair or their legs are braced to obtain mobility. But neither approach activates the n...

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Standing Therapy

We all take it for granted, but the human body needs to have an upright positioning to avoid many health problems.

When solving the problem of Evander's mobility we opted for a piece of equipment which would give him independence to ex...

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Early Intervention Therapy

Children with movement disorders in order to realise their full physical, cognitive and developmental potential and therefore attain the best quality of life, produc...

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Evander visits his acupuncturist, Emily Teo (pictured), for laser acupuncture to compliment the other therapies that he is undertaking. We believe it is a combination of these therapies that can have the most impact on his rehabilitation.


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