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The Evander Conroy Foundation

The Evander Conroy Foundation is a not-for-profit charity established for the purpose of:

"providing therapies and equipment for the support and benefit of Evander Conroy and other Australian children suffering spinal cord injury"

Early intervention therapies have been shown to reduce inevitable complications associated with spinal cord Injury from such a young age and yet the Australian Government provides minimal financial assistance to children with a spinal cord injury for early intervention therapies or equipment. 

We look forward to the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which we hope to support children like Evander access all the help they need.

Help for Parents


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Our first major fundraiser is a Wine Tasting Dinner and Auction to raise money for Evander and his mother to travel to The Frazier Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. (Frazier Rehab is the lead centre in the C...

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