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Frazier Rehab Louisville Kentucky

21 Jul 2014 10:50 PM - Evander returns from 2nd trip to Frazier Rehab
We have just returned from our 2nd trip to Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville Kentucky. Evander spent just over 6 weeks working with the paediatric team at Frazier to get some new tips on how to progress his rehab further. He also showed them how well he had progressed over the 9months he had been back in Sydney.

Evander was practicing initiating steps, standing and core work and learning how to move the Kaye walker on his own. 

We were fortunate to spend our time in Louisville at The Ronald McDonald House Kentuckiana. We shared the house with our amazing friends that we had met there the previous year. The staff and volunteers made our stay another memorable one. 

Thankyou to everyone at Frazier and RMH for your dedication, care and support!