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Evander gets his new wheels!

17 Oct 2012 2:59 PM - After weeks of waiting and a fight for funding approval Evander has his standing frame with wheels

Evander has just received his standing frame and wheels and he loves them. He can now get around the house after his big brother and sister. I am amazed how quickly he has picked it up. As soon as we put him in the stander he was able to work out how to manoeuvre it. And within 2-3days he was getting through doorways and getting himself out of very tight spots. Very clever little boy!

You will see that it looks like a wheelchair but in fact he is standing up. Evander needs to stand (load bear) for about 45 minutes per session, 3 times a day to help with his circulation, urinary health, bowel function, bone density, and overall health.

Thankfully, we were able to convince the NSW government department Enable of Evander's need for this piece of equipment. It has made him mobile and independent.

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VIDEOS: Watch Evander with his new wheels

Comments: 1


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love the pic

16 Nov 2012,10:18 AM - Mel from Web123
Evander looks so proud of himself in this pic! :)