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Changes to Better Start

24 Oct 2012 6:55 PM - Spinal Cord Injury is still not included as disability to receive Better Start Funding

 The Australian Government expanded the eligibility criteria for its  Better Start for Children with Disability initiative.

The Minister for Disability Reform, Jenny Macklin, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers, Jan McLucas, today announced a $13.4 million boost over five years to expand the Better Start initiative.

The Government’s investment means that from 1 January 2013, children diagnosed with Prader Willi, Williams, Angelman, Kabuki Make Up, Smith-Magenis, CHARGE, Cornelia de Lange, Cri du Chat syndromes and microcephaly can access Better Start funding for the first time.

Eligible children under the age of seven will receive up to $12,000 in flexible funding for early intervention services and will be able to use up to $6,000 in any one financial year.

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